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Denumirea Proiectului: Some aspects regarding the analysis of displacement to the main tower of the wooden church of Susani,Maramures 2013

Locație: Calinesti Caeni


Some aspects regarding the analysis of displacement to the main tower of the wooden church of Susani, Maramures

Gelu M. Zaharia1, Laura I. Zaharia2
1Lector, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, of North University Center Baia Mare, Maramureş, Romania,
2Architect, Baia Mare, Maramureş, Romania,

Summary: The Wooden Church „Holly Virgin Birth” is located in Călineşti village, which is situated in northern Maramureş County, more exactly in the valley of Cosăului, in the foothills pass of Gutâi Mountains, 59 km from Baia Mare and 21 km from Sighet. Dendrochronological dating certifies that the oak from which the church was made was cut in the winter of 1628. It is said that this church was originally built in an area called „Mănăştiur”, and only in 1663 was moved to where it is today. In the XIX century the church was enlarged and modified to reach the form that we know today. In the XX century the church was restored multiple times: in 1977, in 1995 (new shingles to update the roof) and between 1996-1997 the interior painting was restored. The tower was originally properly and proportionally designed. It was built accordingly to the specific profile of the churches of Maramureş. Due to overtime changes, the tower now seems very short because his torso is hidden in the roof extension. As in all the churches of Maramureş, the tower does not start from the foundation but it is supported by the walls of the narthex. The technical paper presents the studies of the structural elements of the tower, according with Eurocodes standards, with a special attention at the principal beams which take and transmit the entire loud generate by the internal frame structures. One of the studies is the way that the internal stress is caring out inside the tower structure, the bracing system and also the way that work the joins between the principals’ elements.